How To Use Our Moulding Finishing System

Each TrimPerfect, finishing kit consists of 1 – custom, form fit, sanding block and paint/stain pad to match a specific profile; 1 – tack cloth for final cleaning after sanding and prior to applying stain, paint or other finishes; 2 – strips of 180 grit and 2 – strips of 120 grit, self-adhesive sandpaper.

Imperfections in wood moulding, either naturally occurring or those created while manufacturing and priming, may not seem apparent at first glance. However, they can become very obvious after application of any finish. It is a myth that paints and stains will hide imperfections. On the contrary, finishes will highlight them. Imagine your dissatisfaction upon seeing imperfections after application of stain or paint. Proper sanding, preparation and cleaning, will allow stain to penetrate more uniformly, leaving a more natural luster and pleasing appearance. As well, your paint will float more smoothly without imperfections.

It is recommended to always using eye protection and dust mask whenever sanding or applying finishes on any project. Your workspace should be well ventilated.

Trim Perfect Sander Most Generally, the sanding procedure will be in two steps by using the coarse paper first. The coarse paper will allow any moderate imperfections to be removed. Minor imperfections or scratches produced from the coarse paper, will be removed by the fine sandpaper.
To prepare your wood moulding for finishing, simply attach two pieces of our proprietary pressure sensitive, self-adhesive sandpaper to each end of your TrimPerfect sander. Your trim sander has been manufactured to exacting tolerances to insure a perfect fit and ease of use. Applying the sandpaper to the TrimPerfect sander, is easily accomplished by starting at one edge and working across the block with a rolling motion while being careful to get it worked into any tight corners or crevices. Use of a putty knife or similar straight edged tool is sometimes helpful.

There are some additional unique features offered by the TrimPerfect sanding blocks. The backside of each sanding block is designed as a flat sander. Additionally, each curved edge on the backside is rounded, facilitating easy sanding of most common cove mouldings. Simply apply the self-adhesive sand paper to the backside or around the edges of the block.

When sanding is completed to your satisfaction, clean moulding using a vacuum with a brush attachment, blow with compressed air, or brush dust off with a paint brush. Once all visible dust is been removed; wipe moulding with supplied tack cloth. Tack cloth may be used in conjunction with your sanding block to reach every detail of moulding.

Trim Perfect Paint Pad When cleaning is complete and you are ready to paint or stain, you can use your finishing pad in any of several different ways:

When applying stains, it may be preferable to apply the stain with a paint brush, wipe with a soft cloth, then smooth and blend with the Trim Perfect finishing pad.

Urethanes and paints – apply finish with a paint brush and then smooth brush marks out with your paint pad. You may also apply directly to the paint pad using the PADCO roller tray (pictured on box lid flap), available at your retail store or order though our website.

Warning – Never use acetone, lacquer thinner, or any other harsh solvents to clean your Trim Perfect tools. Warm soapy water is adequate for cleaning latex finishes. Mineral Spirits, will work to clean oil based finishes.

Helpful Hints Lapping – Use light pencil marks across sanding block when lapping to illustrate when lapping is complete. When the pencil lines disappear, the lapping process is complete.

Painting – When using the Trim Perfect finishing pad, use care not to apply excessive material on the pad itself, causing it to squeeze out and cause dripping and running during use.

The Trim Perfect finishing pads can also be used as an aid in day to day, household cleaning and dusting. Simply apply your favorite cleaning or dusting product to the pad and wipe your mouldings.
Sandpaper Refills and Tack Cloth – are available at your retail store.

Extra Finishing Pads – can be purchased on our website The self-adhesive sandpaper is extremely tough and resilient and may be removed and re-applied several times.

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