The Trim Perfect Moulding Finishing System

The ultimate sand, prep, and fi­nishing system for that professional finish.

How It Works

Sanding your moulding can be a very tedious and seemingly thankless job. True craftsmen know, sanding and proper prep work prior to finishing, are the hallmarks of a professional and beautiful job, and will bring forward the natural beauty of the wood. It is a common misconception that paint or stain will mask imperfections in your trim and lack of care prepping, will be evident visually as well as tacitly. Proper sanding and prep-work will make the difference between a mediocre or poor finish, and a beautiful showcase of your craftsmanship. Sanding prior to painting will remove lumps and smooth imperfection so your paint flows smoothly and evenly. Trim Perfect has created kits for the casual home remodeler and professional alike to help make your moulding finish project as easy as it will be beautiful, with our time saving. profile matched sanding blocks, two grades of self adhesive sandpaper, tack cloth, and paint pads.

A New System

A “Wood to Wall System” that allows the home owner or full time carpenter to get professional results from their molding purchases.

Fixing Problems

Without sanding your trim will show knife marks from manufacturing. Sanding with the custom fitted Trim Perfect Sander creates a quality finish.

The Solution

Form fitting to the molding and comfortable in your hand. The Trim Perfect System quickly sands all parts of your molding without changing it’s shape. Creating beautiful trim ready to accept stain or paint!

Trim Perfect Kit

Kit Contains: 1 Matched to fit moulding profile, sanding block and paint/stain pad • 4 adhesive sand paper strips (2-180 and 2-120 grit) • 1 tack cloth • Instructions

Simple & User Friendly

New molding can improve the look of any house. Several large big box stores sell more than 1,500,000 feet of molding per month along with paint and other sundries. For this molding to look right you must take several steps in preparing this molding to take it’s finish.

1) Sanding to remove knife marks and imperfections and to prepare the surface for paint or stain
2) Sanding scarf joints and nail patches
3) Cleaning to remove any dust left from sanding
4) Applying the stain/paint smoothly and evenly

The Ultimate Sand, Prep & Paint System For That Professional Finish

Color Coordinated Packaging provides easy selection for guaranteed profile match.

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